Cataracts are a serious eye condition that can impair one's vision and may eventually lead to blindness. Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. There is a growing amount of eye care treatments, including cataract surgery, that can help with cataracts but only if the condition is properly monitored. At Highlands Optometry, our local Bristol and Wise optometrists can accurately diagnose a cataract and we will do so with several information collective methods.

How Eye Doctors Diagnose a Cataract

  • We take your health and medication history into account. When you first meet with our eye doctor, we will ask you a long series of questions related to the health of you and your immediate family as well as any medications you take. The answers to these questions can help the doctor determine if you are prone to cataracts and help the doctor form a treatment plan.

  • The importance of your vision history. It’s never too late to make that first appointment with your eye doctor. As with most medical issues, the sooner you receive treatment the better the outcome will be. Also, more frequent visits to the eye doctor will allow your doctor to understand how your vision has changed over time and can better inform him or her about the road ahead.

  • Visual acuity testing. The visual acuity test, also known as the refraction test, is a test that determines the sharpness or clarity of your reading and distance vision. You'll be tested with and without the lens prescriptions that you currently use. We may also use other lenses to see if your vision can be improved. Severe loss of visual acuity in one eye may be a sign of an underlying cataract problem.

  • Visual field testing. This test determines how well your peripheral vision is and it can help the eye doctor detect whether there may be an underlying problem.

  • Full eye health evaluation. Finally, your eye doctor will perform a comprehensive examination of your eye utilizing a specialized microscope called a slit lamp. This lamp will enable us to look for the physical signs that indicate cataracts. An ophthalmoscope may also be used to examine the internal parts of the eye, including the optic nerve, and retina. Also, a test of the fluid pressure in your eye will be performed.

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