Routine Vision

Routine vision exams involve an eye doctor determining the refractive error of your eyes in the absence of any medical ocular condition. Glasses and/or contact lenses are then prescribed to correct the refractive error to help you see clearly. These exams are often covered with small patient copays by vision benefits, such as VSP and EyeMed, that accompany major medical insurances.

Common Causes of Blurry Vision (Refractive Errors)

Astigmatism - Caused by a cornea that is not perfectly round. It can cause blurry vision at all ranges, eye strain, and headaches when uncorrected.

Myopia or nearsightedness - Objects that are farther away appear blurry. It can also be accompanied by headaches and eye fatigue.

Hyperopia or farsightedness - You may have to strain to see closer objects clearly, while objects further away may be clearly visible. Hyperopia can cause headaches and eye strain, especially when reading.

Presbyopia - Age-related hardening of the eye’s lens which occurs around 40 years old. This causes a gradual blurring of objects at close range. This is a condition that is treated with multifocal glasses or contact lenses.

Computer Vision Syndrome is a newer condition that began affecting eyes at the dawn of the digital age. Excessive focusing of the eyes combined with harsh computer glare can cause eye strain and fatigue. There are many types of lenses and lens enhancements that can relieve symptoms of eye strain related to computer use. Read More About Computer Vision Syndrome and Computer Vision Syndrom FAQs.

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