Computer Vision Syndrome FAQs

Computer vision is an ailment that is becoming increasingly common. Spending so much time staring at our screens is has starting to have a negative effect. At Highlands Optometry, serving Wise and Bristol, VA, we can help with computer vision. We offer eye care services for people of all ages, including children. We offer routine eye exams, pediatric exams, contact lenses, and eyeglasses. We also treat many types of eye conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, computer vision, and more.

What Is Computer Vision and What Causes It?

Computer vision is a type of eye strain that happens due to prolonged exposure to a computer screen. It can also be caused by the extended use of phones, iPads, video game consoles, tablets, or other digital devices that have a screen. Computer vision can be caused by issues with ergonomics, such as not maintaining proper screen-to-eye distance. It can also happen due to poor lighting or glare. If you use some of the older models of computer monitors, they tend to have more glare and high-energy blue light emissions compared to newer models. Another cause of computer vision could be other eye conditions that exacerbate eye strain.

What Are the Symptoms of Computer Vision?

The symptoms of computer vision include eye fatigue, eye strain, headaches, pain in the neck or shoulders, dry eyes, and blurry vision. These symptoms get better after you have rested your eyes and get worse after prolonged exposure to the computer screen.

How Can Our Optometrist Help?

At Highlands Optometry, we are highly experienced in treating many types of eye conditions, including computer vision. As the first step in your treatment, our eye doctor will perform a complete eye and vision health exam to determine if you are suffering from any eye conditions other than computer vision. Once your diagnosis is complete, our optometrist will prescribe a treatment plan for you.

For computer vision, we might recommend certain eye exercises for you, and recommend that you limit your usage time on the computer to a minimum. We might also suggest you use a certain type of computer monitor that has less glare or suggest certain screen modifiers that can be used with your devices. It is important to take breaks after every 2 hours of using a computer

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If you are suffering from computer vision, we can help. At Highlands Optometry, serving Wise and Bristol, VA, our experts can help alleviate computer vision pain. We are happy to answer any questions you have. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

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