Pediatric Exams

Your child’s eyes and vision play a vital role in their school performance and other aspects of their daily life. At Highlands Optometry, we do thorough eye exams and provide exceptional eye care to ensure that your child is not limited when it comes to anything that involves vision. Visit us at our Bristol or Wise office and let us give your child a bright future!

Why Should You Visit a Pediatric Eye Doctor?

After your child goes through an eye checkup at school, you may be hesitant to take them to a pediatric eye doctor. Pediatrics and school nurses do screening that identifies refractive errors, for example, nearsightedness and farsightedness.

A pediatric eye doctor performs a comprehensive eye test to diagnose conditions like blocked tear ducts and eye movement disorders. They also check the presence of conditions that can cause permanent vision loss.

Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Prevents Permanent Vision Loss

When you go to a pediatric eye doctor for an eye exam, they identify conditions such as cataracts and primary congenital glaucoma early. Your optometrist in Bristol and Wise provides your kid with exceptional eye care to treat these conditions. Consequently, your child’s risk of losing their vision is eliminated.

Enhances Your Child’s Vision

If your child is having conditions like strabismus, they will have difficulty focusing on an object; hence they will not see clearly. When you visit Highlands Optometry, our pediatric eye doctor will provide effective treatment to enhance your child’s vision.

Preserves Your Child’s Eye Health

If the pediatric eye doctor does not find any eye or vision problems after performing an eye exam, he/she will go ahead to recommend ways you can keep your child’s eye and vision health.

For instance, they may advise you to give your child certain types of food and use sunglasses during summer or winter to prevent eye diseases.

Pediatric Eye Exam Schedule

Your child needs to undergo a comprehensive eye exam when they reach 6 months. You should then take them for an eye test at 3 years of age and before attending school at 5 years of age.

As a standard, kids should have an eye exam at least every two years if they don’t need any vision correction. Nevertheless, those kids who need eyeglasses or contact lenses have to undergo an eye exam annually or as your family eye doctor recommends.

What You Should Expect in a Pediatric Eye Exam

When you visit Highlands Optometry for a pediatric eye exam, your optometrists in Bristol and Wise will ask about any medical family history that may put your child at risk of developing eye problems. Your optometrist will go ahead to perform a basic eye test to check sharpness, eye muscle, and pupil function.

The pediatric eye doctor will then examine your child’s cornea, lens, iris, optic nerve, and retina. They will then give you the results and develop a treatment plan for him/her. For older children (6 to 18 years old), you can take them to your family eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam.

Make an Appointment with Highlands Optometry Today

Do you want to enhance your child’s vision? At Highlands Optometry in Bristol and Wise, we provide exceptional eye care. Call our Bristol clinic at 276- 466-4227 and our Wise clinic at 276-679-5612 to schedule your comprehensive pediatric exam today!

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