Diabetic Eye Conditions

Are you searching for eye doctors who can provide a diabetic eye exam? Highlands Optometry is optometrists with two locations serving the communities of Wise and Bristol. We're here to help with all of your optometry needs at either of our two convenient locations. Our eye doctors are caring professionals and Dr. Weberling has over 40 years of experience helping patients in Wise. He oversees the staff so you can rest assured of always receiving kind and professional eye care.

Diabetic Eye Exams

If you have diabetes, then you know that it's vital to get a diabetic eye exam. Our optometrists can help with the early detection of retinal abnormalities. We're there with prompt treatment if it is necessary. If you have type one diabetes, you should have a diabetic eye exam within five years of the diagnosis. If you have type two diabetes, it is essential to get an eye exam ASAP because you may have had type two diabetes for years without a diagnosis.

Treatment From Eye Doctors

If an optometrist finds that you have diabetic retinopathy, you'll likely need several exams per year to slow and maybe stop its progression. There are several possible treatments that an eye doctor can use and they all include monitoring the condition using regular exams. An optometrist may also suggest lifestyle adjustments regarding diet and exercise. Also, if you smoke, it's time to quit. We may do a focal laser treatment. Laser treatment is an advanced procedure for diabetic retinopathy. It cauterizes blood vessels slowing the advancement of the disease.

Once the treatment is successful, our eye doctor will prescribe a pair of contacts or glasses to help treat any changes in vision. Of course, prevention is always ideal. You can reduce the effects of diabetes on your eyes simply by paying attention to your lifestyle and making sure to get regular eye exams.

Visit One of Our Two Convenient Locations

At Highlands Optometry, we're proud to provide personalized care to our patients. Both of our vision care teams are experienced and dedicated to excellent patient care. We're committed to ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of our patients. Visit one of our convenient locations in Bristol or Wise to get comprehensive eye exams, a great selection of glasses, and personalized care. Make your appointment today by calling our Bristol office at (276) 466-4227 or our Wise office at (276) 679-5612.

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