If you are dealing with eye floaters or have concerns that you would like to talk to an ophthalmologist in Wise about, Highlands Optometry is ready to assist you. For those looking for an ophthalmologist in Wise, we offer professional, experienced, and caring eye care. We also have an office in Bristol for those in or around the Bristol area.

Why Do Floaters Appear?

Most people are familiar with floaters, which are specks of blackish or gray spots in your vision. In most cases, eye floaters are a part of the aging process, and many people experience them. Floaters occur when the vitreous transitions into a less solid state. This liquifying process can cause clumping on a microscopic level that creates what we call floaters.

Floater Treatment

In cases where there are issues like multiple floaters, a continual increase in the number of eye floaters, or vision impairment, seeking an ophthalmologist in Wise or an eye doctor in Bristol is encouraged.

Treatments will vary depending on the person, the severity of floaters, and the cause of floaters. Some of those treatments include surgery and in some less frequent cases laser treatments. This is also just another reason to seek out an eye doctor like the friendly and helpful professionals at Highlands Optometry.

An Eye Doctor can Provide Diagnosis and Treatment Options

In addition to helping with problematic eye floaters, our ophthalmologists in Wise and Bristol can also help diagnose underlying conditions. The caring and experienced team at Highlands Optometry also provides a full range of services as a primary care eye doctor for the people of Wise, Bristol, and the surrounding areas.

Finding an Eye Doctor in Bristol or Wise

Even if floaters aren’t significantly impairing your vision, it is worth having them looked at by a professional. From eye floaters to general eye care, finding a good optometrist is essential. At Highlands Optometry, we have years of experience helping residents of Bristol, Wise, and the surrounding areas identify and address the causes of eye floaters. For more information on floaters or to schedule an appointment, call us or request an appointment online.

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