Sports Vision FAQs

As an athlete, you’re probably on the lookout for new ways to improve your athletic skills and performance. Improving your sports vision is a great way to enhance your game. Sports vision refers to the visual clarity you need as a sports player to optimize your sports play. These FAQs from Highlands Optometry in Wise and Bristol explain more about sports vision and sports vision training.

What is sports vision?

Sports vision is a term used to describe the kind of visual acuity sports players need to ace their game. This includes dynamic visual acuity, improved eye focus and tracking skills, depth perception, and peripheral vision.

How does sports vision improve sports play?

Vision plays an important role in sports play. Sports vision can sharpen your visual skills to help improve your game. Enhancing your visual skills can:

  • help you focus quicker on objects or people in motion

  • increase peripheral awareness of people or things around you

  • enable you to perceive the speed of objects or players, so you can react more decisively

The combined benefits of these skills can do much to improve your game.

How can an optometry specialist help with sports vision?

Through routine eye care services, your Wise/Bristol optometrist can determine the current state of your eye health and vision. We’ll take note of visual clarity weaknesses that need strengthening to improve your sight. We’ll also work on improving other visual skills like focus, tracking, peripheral vision, etc. to take your vision to the next level. Eye exercises, the use of advanced eye gear, and eye tracking screens are just a few of the techniques we use to optimize your sight.

Why is sports vision so important to athletes?

If you play sports professionally, you know how competitive things can be. By optimizing your sports skills, you increase your chances of becoming a world-class player. Sports vision training enables you to hone the visual skills you need to ace your game. Whether you’re on a sports team or play sports individually, sports vision can help you excel in your game.

Is sports vision just for professional players?

Anyone who plays sports can benefit from the help that sports vision provides in improving their game. Sports vision can add greater excitement and challenge to your amateur sports play.

See Our Wise/Bristol Optometry Specialist for Sports Vision Training

To learn more about sports vision training and how it can improve your visual skills, contact our eye care specialist at Highlands Optometry. You can reach our Bristol office at 276-466-4227. To contact our Wise Office, call 276-679-5612. We also offer quality eye care and eye health services in Bristol and Wise for your entire family.

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